The network's long-running docuseries about teen moms is getting the YA treatment, and EW has the exclusive first look at the debut novel's cover.

MTV's 16 and Pregnant family is growing.

The docuseries, which premiered in 2009 and chronicles the lives of real teen moms, has already spawned multiple spin-offs — and now the network is birthing a new iteration: 16 & Pregnant the YA novel. The book will hit shelves in January 2023, and EW has the exclusive first look at the vibrant cover:

16 and Pregnant by Lala Thomas
16 & Pregnant: A Novel by LaLa Thomas
| Credit: MTV Books

Written by LaLa Thomas, 16 & Pregnant: A Novel follows two teen girls, Erykah and Kelly, whose young lives are disrupted by an unplanned pregnancy.

From the official synopsis:

Erykah was looking forward to junior year at East Prep High. She has a cute boyfriend, gets good grades, and has the best bestie. Money is tight, though that's nothing new in her world. But everything changes when she gets pregnant. Having a baby at sixteen was definitely not part of the plan. Kelly's plan was to dominate junior year — grade-wise and on the basketball court — and eventually get an athletic scholarship. It did not include helping her best friend through a pregnancy. But that's what best friends do, right? Besides, Kelly has every intention of being a good auntie. As the girls navigate the pregnancy, they'll learn some harsh realities about the world and be forced to make some huge decisions. They'll also discover a deep reserve of strength and compassion…for each other and themselves.

In addition to 16 & Pregnant, which is available for preorder now, MTV Books also announced two new franchises: MTV Fear kicks off with Infested by Angel Luis Colón, and the MTV Beach House series debuts with The Break-Up Vacation by Anna Gracia.

And we'd be remiss if we didn't mention Whalefall, an absolutely bonkers-sounding novel by Daniel Kraus, which the publisher describes thusly: "A scientifically accurate chronicle of one young man's struggle to survive after being swallowed by a sperm whale."

Scientifically accurate? Here's hoping the fact-checker got hazard pay.

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