Representatives for Time's Up have issued a response to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's (HFPA) newly announced pledge for more transparency and diversification after a barrage of issues were brought to light ahead of the 2021 Golden Globe Awards.

"So NBCUniversal, Dick Clark Productions, and the HFPA just declared that they have a plan to fix problems they've ignored for decades. We're not so sure," Tina Tchen, president and CEO of Time's Up Foundation, said in a statement on Saturday.

"On behalf of the many artists who look to us to hold the HFPA's feet to the fire on the racism, disrespect, misogyny, and alleged corrupt financial dealings of the Golden Globes, we need to see specific details, timetables for change, and firm commitments. The right words are not enough. The clock is ticking," she added.

Tina Tchen
Credit: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

The HFPA shared their commitment to "transformational change" in the next 60 days with the help of outside advisors to implement changes including racial and unconscious bias training, a more diverse organization, a review of their policies and best practices, and more transparency regarding operations, voting, eligibility, and membership.

An investigation by the L.A. Times found the HFPA has not had any Black members in more than two decades. At the time, director Ava DuVernay expressed frustration but no surprise over the report.

"Reveals? As in, people are acting like this isn't already widely known? For YEARS," she posted on Twitter.

Members of the HFPA were also questioned about "ethical conflicts" when Netflix's Emily in Paris earned a Best TV Comedy nod after it was revealed in the same exposé that 30 members of the voting body were treated to an extravagant press trip to the city of lights.

News of the HFPA's restructuring comes following reports that viewership of the Golden Globes was down 62 percent during the Feb. 28 ceremony.

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