Costner reflected on working with Houston on the 1992 romance drama while on PEOPLE and Entertainment Weekly's live red carpet pre-show ahead of the 2022 SAG Awards on Sunday.

Kevin Costner remembered late The Bodyguard costar Whitney Houston ahead of Sunday's 28th Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Costner reflected on working with Houston, who died in February 2012 from an accidental drowning, on the 1992 romance drama while on PEOPLE and Entertainment Weekly's live red carpet pre-show ahead of the ceremony, where his western Yellowstone was nominated for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series.

Directed by Mick Jackson with a script by Lawrence Kasdan, The Bodyguard centers on a chart-topping pop star (Houston) who hires a former secret service agent (Costner) as her bodyguard after a stalker's obsession reaches disturbing heights.

"When movies are working at their very best, they're about moments and images that you'll never ever forget," Costner said of the film on the red carpet, later reflecting on the success of Houston's hit cover of Dolly Parton's "I Will Always Love You."

BODYGUARD, THE, Kevin Costner, Whitney Houston, 1992
Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston in "The Bodyguard'
| Credit: Everett Collection

"I don't think we'll ever forget when that little song came out, that she just blew up," Costner said. "She sang the first part of it a cappella and musically the world was never the same. We have a moment of her in that movie we'll never ever forget that and I think that when movies are working at their best, that's what can happen."

Costner and Houston's magnetic chemistry in the film has long been lionized, resulting in a friendship that saw Costner speak at Houston's funeral in 2012. While speaking to EW in 2019, Costner credited their palpable spark to Kasdan's screenplay.

"[It was a] very funny, acidic kind of relationship that was unique," Costner said. "His own rhythm of language that I knew would create [sparks]. It just caught [Whitney] at a really high moment or actually created a high moment for her. The words provide the chemistry in a way."

Watch Costner's interview from the SAG Awards red carpet above.

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