More Oscar-contending films also receive animal ethics honors from PETA.

Mank (2020 Movie)

PETA just made the current, chaotic awards season a dog and pony show in more ways than one.

The animal activist group announced Wednesday its annual "Oscat" winners celebrating animal kindness in Hollywood, with top honors going to some of the biggest Oscar contenders of the year.

For its use of digital capuchins instead of live primates in a scene where Gary Oldman and Amanda Seyfried stroll the zoo-like grounds of a California mansion, David Fincher's historical biopic Mank won the "Monkey Scene, Monkey Didn't" award, while Pete Davidson scored a Best Costume honor for sporting a t-shirt that read "Hunt Mushrooms, Not Animals" in his Judd Apatow-directed dramedy The King of Staten Island.

Other winners include writer Mike White for penning the script for Disney's The One and Only Ivan (about a gorilla attempting to escape captivity); One Night in Miami helmer Regina King for her passion for dogs; Robert Downey, Jr.'s Dolittle for relying on CGI critters to tell its classic tale, and Riz Ahmed's Sound of Metal for its inclusion of a "Meat Is Murder" sticker on the lead character's refrigerator.

Late actress Cloris Leachman also won an honorary accolade for her animal activism over the years.

"Grab the vegan popcorn, call the dog over, and settle in to enjoy the animal-friendly moments in these flicks," PETA Senior Vice President Lisa Lange said of this year's winners in a press statement. "PETA's Oscats celebrate the thoughtful ways Hollywood can show compassion for animals on both sides of the camera."

See the full list of Oscat winners on PETA's website.

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Mank (2020 Movie)
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