That JLC sure has a... cheeky sense of humor.

Stars sure do have some strange places to put their Academy Awards — with a surprising amount opting to use their prestigious trophy as a door stop.

This year's Best Supporting Actress shared on Instagram that she's placed her Oscar in a position befitting such a hallowed, historic honor: next to her SAG Award... and a butt plug.

Jamie Lee Curtis Oscar
Check out the 'cheeky' place Jamie Lee Curtis put her Oscar
| Credit: Rodin Eckenroth/Getty; jamie lee curtis/instagram

But not just any butt plug, mind you. It's her Everything Everywhere All at Once character Dierdre Beaubierdre's butt-plug-shaped Auditor of the Month award. The same award, or at least a facsimile, that an antagonistic minion launches himself onto during an epic fight scene with Evelyn Wang (Academy Award winner Michelle Yeoh...mmm, that feels good).

It might take too long to explain why said minion launched himself onto a butt-plug, but just know that it was for a good reason. And also, hilarious.

Curtis has been having a good time with her new gold-plated, gender non-conforming statuette, as she revealed during a Today interview with Hoda Kotb and Savanna Guthrie. Curtis refers to her Oscar as they/them in support of her daughter Ruby, who is trans.

 "I'm having them be a they/them. I'm going to just call them them," Curtis said of the trophy. "They/them, and they are doing great, they're settling in, and I just, in my life, I never saw it in a million years that I'd have this couple days, and I'm very moved by the whole thing."

Curtis had previously dedicated her win to her parents, Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh, who were both nominated for Academy Awards — Curtis as Best Actor for The Defiant Ones in 1959 and Leigh for Best Supporting Actress for Psycho in 1961.

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