"I think we should just really give it a go," the director said cheekily, pointing to her belly.

By Nick Romano
April 26, 2021 at 09:16 AM EDT

Promising Young Woman director Emerald Fennell may have a promising name for her new baby.

After winning the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay, the filmmaker was asked by a journalist in the backstage press area about getting Mark-Paul Gosselaar's Saved by the Bell character Zack Morris trending on social media after mentioning him in her acceptance speech.

"No. Oh God. How embarrassing. Really?" Fennell responded. "No! Oh no. OK. Well..."

The reporter then asked if Zack Morris is now one of the names she's considering for her unborn child.

"Well, you know, actually, if Zack Morris doesn't mind this situation," she said, cheekily pointing to her belly, "I think we should just really give it a go."

Earlier, Fennell gave an anecdote on the Oscars stage that mentioned her childhood love of Zack.

"The only speech I ever wrote was when I was 10. And I had a look to see if there'd be anything useful from it, but unfortunately, I mostly thanked Zack Morris from Saved by the Bell, who was my very supportive husband," she said. "Unfortunately, he hasn't been as much a part of my life as I'd hoped, and so that speech is not that useful. But all I can say is, I'm trying very hard not to cry, which is very difficult as an English person because you don't cry ever."

Fennell spoke further about her pregnancy during the Oscars After Dark special, hosted by Andrew Rannells and Colman Domingo.

"I'm working on another project," she said in reference to her baby bump. "This project is making me very cranky and tired."

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