Danny and Dae Bennett also told EW on the Grammys red carpet that the crooner is doing "great" despite his battle with Alzheimer's.

Tony Bennett's Alzheimer's battle may have kept him from the 2022 Grammy Awards, but the legendary singer's son says his spirit will be faithfully honored by their dad's beloved collaborator Lady Gaga during tonight's telecast.

"The age disappears," Danny Bennett said of his father's relationship with the pop icon during EW and PEOPLE's live red carpet show ahead of the Grammys on Sunday night. "It's the passion. It's real. They love each other. When you watch them in their videos, it's real. And she is so down to earth, and he's down to earth.

"And it's all about the music — it's all about the message of love. They decided when they finished [their first album,] Cheek to Cheek, that we're gonna make a Cole Porter record — and every song is gonna be a different, a different theme on love. So this is who they are," Danny added of Gaga and Bennett's Love for Sale.

In addition to being honored, Bennett was nominated alongside Gaga for five Grammys this year. Ahead of the telecast, it was announced the duo had won Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album. And if they win Album of the Year or Record of the Year ("I Get a Kick Out of You"), Bennett will become the oldest person to win either of those awards.

Danny and Dae noted that performing is what keeps their dad going strong.

"He's great," said Danny, who has served as his dad's manager for the past 40 years. "He rehearses three times a week. [He does a 90]-minute show, he doesn't look at any lyrics or anything like that, and that's what keeps him there. It's magic."

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