A source tells EW Manson was removed from the nominations list for the Donda rapper's single because he's not a writer of the song.

Controversial musician Marilyn Manson has been stripped of his 2022 Grammy nomination for Best Rap Song over a lack of qualifying contributions to Kanye West's Donda album cut "Jail."

A source confirms to EW that Manson — real name Brian Hugh Warner — didn't write the song he was nominated for, and therefore was removed from the Grammys' nominations list after it was announced on Nov. 23.

The Recording Academy updated its 2022 nominations list Tuesday, simply noting "Songwriter Marilyn Manson (a.k.a. Brian Hugh Warner) has been removed" in a brief note alongside the change. According to the song's liner notes on Spotify, Manson — who provided featured vocals to the tune — isn't credited as a writer on the song under his stage name or his real name. Spotify lists 11 other contributors to the song's lyrics, including West and Jay-Z.

Marilyn Manson
Marilyn Manson in 2018.
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Manson drew ire after scoring a nomination at the 2022 Grammys, particularly as he's at the center of an ongoing sexual assault investigation that saw the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department acquire a warrant to search the 52-year-old's home on Monday. Manson was previously accused of sexual assault and physical abuse by over 15 women — including Westworld actress Evan Rachel Wood.

West — who legally changed his name to Ye earlier this year — also courted controversy for including rapper DaBaby on his Donda album alongside Manson, after the 29-year-old made headlines for making homophobic and ill-informed remarks about HIV and AIDS during a July concert.

West himself nearly missed out on an Album of the Year nod at the 2022 ceremony, as news broke on Nov. 24 that Taylor Swift's Evermore and the rapper's Donda were reportedly added to the Grammys' top category due to a last-minute decision to expand the category to include the next highest-tallying projects in line for a nomination.

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