By Derek Lawrence
September 20, 2020 at 09:08 PM EDT

First Lindsay, and now Emmy.

Earlier this year, EW exclusively reported that Lindsay Lohan was set to appear in Ramy season 2, only for the actress to ghost creator-star Ramy Youssef and never show up. Now, after losing twice at Sunday's Emmys, Youssef has been ghosted again.

Just moments after a Lead Actor in a Comedy Series loss, the Golden Globe winner posted a video that showed a person outside his home in a hazmat suit waving goodbye and taking an Emmy trophy with them.

It's too bad that Youssef didn't get his chance to make an acceptance speech as he provided one of the funniest moments of this year's Golden Globes. “I know you guys haven’t seen my show," he said while accepting his award for Best Actor in a Comedy Series. "Everyone’s like, ‘Is this an editor?'"

Youssef recently took part in EW's multi-Emmy nominee roundtable (seen above) and joked that the upside of losing this year is that you can "just log out."

Also, don't worry, Lohan recently followed Youssef on Twitter, so don't count her out of Ramy season 3.

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