By Derek Lawrence
August 24, 2020 at 01:30 PM EDT
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If you have a million questions about Lindsay Lohan ghosting Ramy Youssef, then Schitt's Creek creator and star Dan Levy is right there with you.

Back in May, EW broke the story that Lohan was originally slated to appear on season 2 of the Emmy-nominated Hulu series Ramy — until she never showed up. "We actually cast Lindsay Lohan, because Lindsay had this whole thing about converting to Islam," revealed Youssef. "And so we had cast Lindsay and I talked to her and she was down, and then, you know, like Lindsay does, we just kind of stopped hearing from her. [Laughs] I was trying to get ahold of her and she was on the call sheet, and I guess she couldn't make it. I don't know, I never heard from her."

Well, we have an important update! During EW's roundtable with multi-Emmy nominees, Youssef, who is nominated as an actor and director on Ramy, shared the latest: “I think [Lohan's] a comedic genius. She didn’t show up but she did follow me on Twitter like a week ago and I’m taking the breadcrumbs wherever I can, where I’m like, ‘Okay, well, I got a follow, we can bring that up to her agent and see what happens.’” (The moment begins at the 33:20 mark above.)

The look of shock and bewilderment on Levy's face was so noticeable that fellow panelist Maya Rudolph asked him if he had some questions. "First of all, I have a million questions but we can offline most of those," he responded. "When you say she didn’t show up, were you guys like, the cameras are ready and she wasn’t there…what does that mean, not showing up?"

"I spoke to her about the role, she said, 'I’m in, I’ll be there, I’ll be in New York,' we put her on the call sheet," said Youssef. "A couple days before I started to get a bad feeling, I was like, I don’t know, I haven’t heard from her and kind of tried to get her and we all know what happened. [Laughs] It was no hard feelings, we weren’t really expecting it at a certain point, but she’s someone I am very excited to work with."

When previously breaking down season 2 with EW, Youssef said the door was still open for Lohan to appear in the recently-renewed season 3, adding, "She is one of my favorite Muslims."

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Watch the full roundtable above.

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