Emmy nominee Kate Winslet is thrilled to finally be able to talk about Murdur Durdur, the breakout Saturday Night Live sketch that parodied her show Mare of Easttown, and its characters' specific Delaware County, Penn., accents.

"I have never felt so validated as an actor in my entire life as I now do because of Murdur Durdur," she tells EW during an interview for an upcoming Awardist podcast episode.

The actress notes that the hilarious sketch has continued to be a source of joy for her and her family, saying, "Every now and then in our household we'll be like, 'Oh, should we just quickly watch it?' And we'll crowd around the iPhone crying with laughter."

Winslet also remembers how "for the longest time, we all as a creative team kept saying, 'Oh my God, it's so strange with COVID not being able to watch the show with people.' Not even with real family members, and to see anyone's reaction." Fortunately, another viral clip from British TV scratched that itch.

On the Channel 4 program Gogglebox, where audiences watch U.K. residents react to the TV shows that are in the zeitgeist, one particular episode showed people react to the shocking, eventful fifth episode of the celebrated HBO limited series.

"This is almost as hilarious as Murder Durdur and I encourage everybody to Google 'Gogglebox Mare of Easttown' and there's about a seven-minute segment that covers episode 5 that is so screamingly funny," Winslet remarks. "So that's another one we watch, we watch 'Murder Durdur' as a family, and then we're like, 'Oh quick, let's just watch Gogglebox as well.'"

Watch the clip with Winslet above, and catch more of our interview with the Emmy nominee on an upcoming episode of The Awardist.

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