"I'll have to call him Seth Ragin."

Hannah Waddingham walked away with a well-deserved golden trophy during the 2021 Emmys, even though Seth Rogen tried to give the award to a slightly different Hannah.

While presenting the night's first award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series, Rogen pulled an "Adele Dazeem" and mistakenly pronounced the Ted Lasso actress' name as "Waddington."

Appearing unfazed during her emotional acceptance speech, Waddingham apparently didn't know about the flub until she reached the show's backstage, where reporters asked what she thought of Rogen's mishap. And Waddingham didn't miss a beat.

"I didn't hear that. It's brand new information," she told the room according to EW, who was in attendance.

Fellow Ted Lasso co-star Brett Goldstein, who took home his own award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series, added, "He's dead."

"Oh man," Waddingham quipped. "I'll have to call him Seth Ragin."

Emmy Awards
Hannah Waddingham and Seth Rogen at the 2021 Emmys
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Waddingham's early win kicked off a landfall of accolades for the feel-good Apple+ comedy series, currently in its second season. In addition to Waddingham and Goldstein, Ted Lasso netted four of the 20 awards it was nominated for, including Lead Actor in a Comedy Series (Jason Sudeikis) and Outstanding Comedy Series.

In her acceptance speech, Waddingham praised the SNL alum saying, "Jason, you changed my life with this and more importantly my baby girl's. I'm honestly so privileged to work with you. I really am."

She also called out the writer's room for their work, adding, "The thing that's charming about you, all of you, is that you don't realize how wonderful you are. I just don't think people realize what you bring to the room when we're all quiet together. I am so grateful to even be in your gaggle."

Fans will remember that Frozen star Idina Menzel did eventually get her "revenge" on Travolta a year after the fact, when the two presented together at the 2015 Oscars. So Rogen...you might have dodged a bullet on Sunday, but don't expect to get off so easy.

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