By Sydney Bucksbaum
August 26, 2020 at 11:00 AM EDT

What could be better than being nominated for an Emmy? How about being nominated for an Emmy at the same time as your parent or child? This Is Us star Ron Cephas Jones and his daughter Jasmine Cephas Jones are in that exact situation this year, so EW got them to stop by (virtually) for a family-themed episode of The Awardist to celebrate that special moment.

"I know it sounds cliché, but we already won," Ron says. "What else could you ask for? God couldn't bless me more."

Ron is nominated for his work on This Is Us for a fourth time, while Jasmine is nominated for her first Emmy for her role on Quibi's #FreeRayshawn. "The first time I'm nominated for an Emmy and I get to share it with my dad who introduced me to theater at a very, very young age, it's a very full-circle type thing," Jasmine says. "This stuff happens once in a blue moon, once in a lifetime type thing and it's just really, really special. It's definitely a very, very special moment in time right now."

"It's very hard for me not to get choked up right now when I see my daughter and I together at this point," Ron says. "It's hard to speak from an actor's point of view, I'm a parent looking at my child most of the time so it's very hard to speak from the heart, I can't find the words. But exactly what Jasmine said. It's a special, rare, and unique moment that even early on I had visions of."

As for what it's been like for Jasmine watching her father become "America's dad" because of This Is Us, she laughs. "It's so funny because I remember off-Broadway and dad being in the theater, he would play these crazy, awesome villains," she says. "They were incredible characters to play but it was always the villain, so to see him play this emotional dad and everybody loves him and he's crying, it's just awesome to see."

The Emmy-nominated father/daughter duo also dive deep on wanting to tell stories that mean something, their most powerful scenes, the pride Ron feels in seeing Jasmine's work, if they'll work together again in the future, and so much more. Watch the video above now for their full, heartwarming Awardist interview.

For more Emmys scoop, listen to EW’s The Awardist podcast — interviews with Regina King, Ted Danson, Matthew Macfadyen, and more!

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