On the Emmys red carpet, the actress discussed how she and Patrick Fabian were in the right place to help their costar — and how she was thankful to get 'another day' with him.

Rhea Seehorn was an MVP of Better Call Saul in so many ways — and she has the adoration of the show's fanbase and an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress to prove it. But she would also be invaluable to her good friend and costar Bob Odenkirk one day last summer.

During a break in filming one of the show's final episodes, Seehorn and fellow cast member Patrick Fabian were hanging out with Odenkirk, as they often did. (The three of them even shared a house in Albuquerque for several seasons.) That would prove to be critical on this day, as Odenkirk suddenly suffered a heart attack and slumped over on his exercise bike. As Seehorn recounted to EW on the Emmys red carpet on Monday night, "We realized something was very wrong and we dove to catch him before he hit the concrete floor, and then realized it was very, very bad, and started yelling for help. And in those airplane-size soundstages, everything was echoing and it was pretty frantic."

Odenkirk received life-saving medical attention on the set and was taken to the hospital for surgery. Just five weeks later, he was back on the set, finishing off the season. What was it like to be on the other side of a frightening scenario that fortunately had a happy ending?

"We've all had somebody that's passed, and you just wish you had one more day, one more time to laugh or smile or appreciate them, and you don't get it," she shares. "And when he woke up the next morning, his amazing wife, Naomi, and his kids were nice enough to let Patrick and I come to the ICU right away, so we had that moment. It was like, 'Oh my God! Oh! Oh, I get another day?' But then because Bob and I are the way we are, we just went right back to work."

In the interview, Seehorn also talked about the surprise of her Emmy nomination ("I didn't see the nomination coming for me") and how she received a spontaneous celebration (and champagne) from the patrons of the London hotel bar where she was hanging out when the good news arrived. Check out the video above.

The actress had much more to say about her time on Saul in our digital cover story, and she revealed her favorite scene, her most challenging scene, and the scene that she wished she could have filmed.

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