The Independent Spirit Awards started off strange enough with an Aubrey-Plaza-as-Judy-Garland sketch, and it got even stranger when she teamed up with Michael Shannon for a spoof of The Lighthouse — farts and all.

Plaza, who hosted Saturday’s ceremony, channeled Robert Pattinson‘s lighthouse keeper Thomas Howard, while Shannon spoofed Willem Dafoe‘s Thomas Wake from Robert Eggers’ black-and-white film about two lighthouse keepers falling into utter madness.

Here, it’s Shannon’s diligent and honest note-taking about Plaza’s hosting capabilities that sets her over the edge. That and his farting. “I think the only thing worse than your hosting is your lighthouse keeping,” Shannon says before acting like his own Spirit Award (which he won for 2012’s Mud) was a living seagull.

In the first award given out for the night, Dafoe won Best Supporting Male for his performance in The Lighthouse, which also took home Best Cinematography for Jarin Blaschke’s work as director of photography.

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