When you think of movies that tend to perform well at the Oscars, certain types of films and performances come to mind.

Biopics, dramas, and arthouse flicks tend to be awards bait, as do showy or transformative performances (take Gary Oldman's Oscar-winning turn as Winston Churchill in Darkest Hour as a recent example). Comedies, horror movies, and foreign films, however, often have a rougher road to major Oscar glory, although there are some recent exceptions (see: The Favourite, Get Out, or Roma).

This year, the South Korean phenomenon Parasite and Pedro Almodóvar's Spanish film Pain and Glory will attempt to break out of the foreign-language category, while comedies such as Olivia Wilde's Booksmart, Netflix's Dolemite Is My Name, and The Two Popes will try to overcome the comedy bias. And can Jordan Peele recreate his Get Out success with his latest horror contender, Us?

Dolemite Is My Name / Parasite / Pain and Glory
Credit: François Duhamel/Netflix; NEON CJ Entertainment; Manolo Pavón/Sony Pictures Classics

In the second episode of the new season The Awardist podcast, EW digital director Shana Naomi Krochmal and associate editor and Awardist columnist David Canfield are joined by editor-in-chief JD Heyman, and the trio make their cases for the unexpected or unlikely performances and films that may be considered long shots for the major categories, but that should be in the discussion. We also sit down with Parasite director Bong Joon-ho for a candid conversation about his class-conscious thriller.

The Awardist podcast is part of EW's comprehensive awards coverage, online and in the magazine. This week, we also take a look at the campaigns that go into awards season in light of Evan Rachel Wood's recent criticisms of the "big money" involved in campaigning, and Krochmal, Canfield, and Heyman make more bold picks for the year.

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