By Ruth Kinane
January 28, 2018 at 09:17 PM EST
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You can take the host out of the carpool lane, but you can’t take the carpool (karaoke) out of the host!

During Sunday night’s Grammy Awards, the emcee for the evening’s festivities James Corden brought his Late Late Show skit “Carpool Karaoke” to New York. Unfortunately, due to a lack of carpool lanes in the city, the musical sketch didn’t go down so well — even with the help of Sting and Shaggy.

The unlikely trio took to a (very fake) New York subway car to give the karaoke bit a “Big Apple twist” with the new title “subway car(pool) karaoke.” They kicked off their busking performance with a rendition of Sting’s “Every Breath You Take” to the annoyance of a disgruntled construction worker. Other commuters also mistook the guys for beggars with one traveler telling them no one wanted to hear their music — to which Corden replied, “a lot of millennials do!'”

The group switched things up singing Sting and Shaggy’s new song “Don’t Make Me Wait to Love You” and even went for the win with everyone’s favorite Shaggy tune “It Wasn’t Me,” complete with dance moves. It was still no dice for the guys. Even when Corden tired to explain they were recording a special for the Grammys, an elderly lady told them it wasn’t “for this grammy” before the construction worker from the beginning reappeared to punch Corden in the face.

“Whose stupid idea was this?” asked Sting at the end. “Wasn’t me,” quipped Shaggy.

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