The Screen Actors Guild is letting go of old traditions, naming Kristen Bell the debut host of the industry union’s 24th annual awards show.

In celebration of the announcement, Bell shared a comical video of herself discussing the history-making gig, which marks the first time the telecast will air with a live emcee since its inaugural program in 1995.

“I’ve been asked to host the SAG Awards this year, which means, to all my friends who’ve been nominated, I get to choose who wins!” she says, though someone off-camera informs her that she’s sorely mistaken. “That’s not how it works? Then what am I doing? Like, Anne Hathaway and James Franco did? I’m doing that? Why, did I lose a bet?”

In the run-up to the Academy Awards, the Screen Actors Guild typically hoists heavy-hitting acting contenders to the forefront of Oscar voters’ attention, as SAG is one of the largest entertainment collectives in the industry, representing over 100,000 performers around the world–a small nominating committee from which determines each year’s list of nominees. The 2017 class of contenders will be announced on Dec. 13.

The 24th Screen Actors Guild Awards will be presented live at 8:00 p.m. ET on TNT and TBS. Watch Bell’s teaser for the ceremony above.