Lady Gaga may not have the fancy things, but she gave us everything — including a stunning rendition of her hit single “The Cure” — during her 2017 American Music Awards performance.

Clad in an elaborate metallic costume, Gaga belted the song live from her Joanne World Tour stop in Washington, D.C. After kicking off the song at the piano, Gaga broke out dance moves on a rising stage.

Gaga debuted “The Cure” as part of her Coachella concert in April, though her AMAs set marks the televised performance of the track — produced by anonymous duo Detroit City — since its release.

“It was an honor to be a part of [Gaga’s] journey… We treat every artist as we would like to be treated,” the group told EW after the song’s premiere. “We don’t count success by number; we reap our reward from good feelings,” Detroit City explained. “We were only trying to write music that would make her proud to sing in front of her fans that she adores so much.”

While she’s deep into her world tour, Gaga is currently working on a new album with “Born This Way” and “Applause” producer DJ White Shadow, recording songs on a makeshift studio aboard her tour bus. Prior to Sunday’s AMAs appearance, on Nov. 5, Gaga reportedly sang an unreleased song, “Frankensteined,” backstage for concertgoers attending her Joanne World Tour in Indianapolis.