Kimmel: Not a fan of 'We Bought a Zoo'

By Christopher Rosen
February 27, 2017 at 08:46 AM EST

Jimmy Kimmel brought his “feud” with Matt Damon to Sunday’s 89th annual Academy Awards, mocking Damon throughout the ceremony from the stage before literally trying to play him off the stage.

After a pre-taped sketch found Kimmel dismissing Damon’s performance in We Bought a Zoo (“The thing about Matt is you can see how hard he’s working; it’s so effortful for him”), Damon and his Oscar-winning friend Ben Affleck walked out to present the Oscar for adapted screenplay. Damon was announced as Affleck’s “guest” (“It’s like a plus-one,” quipped Affleck) and was then forced to battle the growing crescendo of the show’s orchestra every time he went to speak.

“You’ve got to be kidding me. Wait a minute. Hold on. What is with the music? Am I being played off? Seriously?” Damon said as music drowned him out. “I’m just presenting, you can’t play me off.”

But in the construct of the bit, Kimmel could play Damon off. The cameras showed the Oscars host acting as the conductor in the orchestra pit, urging Damon to “wrap it up.”

“We want to go home,” Kimmel added.

Watch above.