Patton Oswalt’s jokes about President Donald Trump at the Writers Guild Awards Sunday night cost him a shoe.

The comedian, who hosted the award ceremony, opened the show with a glass of scotch in hand with several jokes about the former Celebrity Apprentice host. Borrowing Hugh Laurie’s joke from this year’s Golden Globes, Oswalt welcomed everyone to the “last ever WGA Awards” and joked that La La Land is also Ben Carson’s euphemism for the word “vagina.”

But Oswalt said he wasn’t going to be too hard on the current administration. “Donald Trump, I want to be very careful about making jokes about. One, because I don’t want to be kicked to death by James Woods backstage, which would be an honor, by the way. That would be amazing,” said Oswalt.

That’s when the conservative actor stood up in the front of the theater. Oswalt told him to sit down, but that didn’t work.

“Buy a pair of shoes!” yelled Woods from the audience, right before he jumped on stage to yank off one of Oswalt’s sneakers. “What are these f—ing shoes? This is an awards show! Didn’t you see Crazy, Wonderful, Love or whatever it’s called.”

And by “Crazy, Wonderful, Love or whatever it’s called,” Woods was probably referring to Crazy, Stupid, Love, a movie that starred Ryan Gosling as a dating expert who gives Steve Carrell some much needed assistance, including helping him get rid of his New Balance sneakers.

Woods continued, “By the way, I lost half of my Twitter following today coming here.” Oswalt replied, “Wow, all those egg avatars gone. That’s terrible.”

According to Oswalt, the bit was real. “It wasn’t staged, believe me,” tweeted Oswalt last night.

However, it seems as though Oswalt won Woods over by the end of his opening monologue with a joke that compared Trump taking Obama’s job as president to David Lee Roth taking over the linguistics department at Rutgers University — which you can watch in the video above. For the full list of winners at last night’s WGA Awards Ceremony, click here.