Tara Fowler

From a vampire with luscious locks to a pompadour'ed hitman, we grade the coifs of characters he's played through the years
With the FX miniseries 'The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story' debuting Feb. 2, take a look at some of the main players of the trial – and what they've been doing since.
The coaches start a fight over contestant Cassadee Pope, a former opener for Fallout Boy
Adam Levine performs with Maroon 5, a former winner returns, and the Top 12 are revealed!
Christmas cometh early with a visit from Michael Bublé, the revival of Team Blake (sort of), and a performance that was "musical perfection."
Jack and Amanda finally get married, someone plots murder, and someone commits one. 
Emily returns from her scary Japanese training just in time for another Hamptons summer -- and guess who's still alive?
The Graysons expect Charlotte's inheritance to solve all their problems; Nolan gets audited
The Graysons enjoy "pain du mis," we learn more about Emily and Aiden's past, and the white-haired man gets a name!
Nolan gets a girlfriend, Victoria throws a baby shower, and someone ends up in the hospital
Kara bonds with Victoria, Padma puts Nolcorp in a compromising position, and a certain journalist makes his move against Amanda and Emily
Jack proposes to Amanda, Victoria and Conrad get hitched, and Emily proves that revenge is, in fact, a dish best served cold
Emily shares her secret, Victoria and Conrad are positively cuddly, and a certain Hamptonite goes to jail
Party like it's 2006! Emily meets Aiden for the first time, details about Victoria's past emerge, and The Stowaway is still being blackmailed. Some things never change.
Nolan becomes the center of a love triangle, Daniel stages a coup, and Jack discovers his father's shady past.
Victoria tries to save Daniel's eternal soul, Emily exacts her revenge on a corrupt judge, and someone ends up in jail
Emily hosts a charity auction, Marco woos Nolan, and Daniel drops a million bucks on a bottle of wine
Emily and Aiden head out West for a little merging and acquiring; Nolan uncovers a rat