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Which player was eliminated from episode 6, "From Theresa With Love?"
"We're really able to lean into the things that already worked wonderfully for us," showrunner Melinda Hsu Taylor tells EW.
"It's not impulsive, where a lot of millennials sometimes just jump into things," Astin tells EW of that [SPOILER].
Praneet Akilla plays one half of a new version of the iconic Bobbsey Twins.
"Max is incredibly thrilled and feeling very connected both physically and romantically," Astin tells EW of his character's new relationship. "I think it’s looking pretty positive."
The Amazing Race-style competition series faced controversy over leaked footage showing dogs in allegedly unsafe conditions, but the cancelation was not due to PETA's complaints.
Which strong player had to leave the game early in "Skyfall?"
The Survivor champ exited MTV's competition early and without explanation this week; now she's sharing her story with EW.
Trump's accounts will remain blocked until at least after Inauguration Day.
Ramsey played Officer Laverne Hooks in the Police Academy movies and was one of the singers who inspired the original Broadway show Dreamgirls.
"I haven't spoken to Fessy since that day I left the battleground," the latest eliminated player says of that shocking betrayal. "For him to do that to me, it was devastating."
Who was eliminated in season 36, episode 4, "Duplicity?"
Plus, creator Austin Winsberg reveals how much Lauren Graham and Peter Gallagher will be in the rest of season 2.
Zoey (Jane Levy) will finally choose either Max (Skylar Astin) or Simon (John Clarence Stewart), and sooner than you may think.