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Love Fest

Hollywood hit Venice for a film festival--and a little romance.
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Venice Film Festival: Where the Stars Align

The city traded some of its old-world charm for Hollywood glitz at the Venice film fest.
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John Travolta hits pay dirt

Actor will get $20 million each for ''Primary Colors,'' ''Have Gun Will Travel,'' and ''Civil Action''
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Gary Oldman's role reversal

''The Scarlet Letter'' reveals the actor's sweeter side
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Sigourney Weaver braves the bugs

The actress tells of her encounter with ants in her new film ''Copycat''
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Poster Imposter

Dead men tell this tale: The bodies in Spike Lee's new film 'Clockers' are called into question
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Mel Gibson?s butt gets more screentime

The star shows his derriere once again in ''Braveheart''