Stephen Schaefer

Love Fest
Hollywood hit Venice for a film festival--and a little romance.
The city traded some of its old-world charm for Hollywood glitz at the Venice film fest.
Actor will get $20 million each for ''Primary Colors,'' ''Have Gun Will Travel,'' and ''Civil Action''
''The Scarlet Letter'' reveals the actor's sweeter side
The actress tells of her encounter with ants in her new film ''Copycat''
Dead men tell this tale: The bodies in Spike Lee's new film 'Clockers' are called into question
The ''Waterworld'' actress helped choose her body-double used to be her butt
The screenwriter discusses her relationship with the actor
The actor will play a gay decorator in ''Jeffrey''
Keanu Reeves channels Hamlet for a soliloquy about a hooker
The star swore off washing dishes and riding subways when he made it in Hollywood
The star shows his derriere once again in ''Braveheart''
The esteemed actor puts Michael Douglas on the naughty list during the filming of "Miracle on 34th Street"
News and notes
The author is tapped to write a follow-up to his 1986 novel, but a film sequel remains unlikely
A number of films coming soon feature heavier stars than usual
To the foremost American actor, literary roles are nothing compared to the Wolfman
The magicians' cameo in ''City Slickers II'' was the victim of a last-minute script change
The actress is the only major character from the new family film who doesn't have her own doll
The actor loses out when his co-star passes on ''Bad Boys''
The cards decked with the film's stars, Jodie foster, James Garner and Mel Gibson, promote the new Western
The actress's promotion of the Thighmaster helps land several roles