Stephanie Schomer

'Winding Paula up as far as he could without making her, you know, explode? He enjoyed it. That was pleasurable to him'
'My only hope is that we can bookend the first year ... and find someone who can make a really big name for themselves'
Plus, why the original judges' panel reigned supreme
Because we're all just living to see our face on the side of a bus.
Sometimes Dr. Phil really does have the answers.
It's time for Thanksgiving dinner at the Chans.
Rebecca tries so hard to be good, but she's super bad at it.
They just didn't make it work
Rebecca reaches for self-improvement but achieves self-sabotage.
Great news for couch potatoes.
Rebecca faces her biggest fear and (sort of) throws a party.
Who needs Josh when you can have Josh's hot girlfriend?
Mary Steenburgen cozies up with some cute and creepy creatures
Forget New York. West Covina, Calif., is the new City of Dreams.
Ortega also choreographed 'Dirty Dancing,' and has directed and choreographed the upcoming Disney Channel movie 'Descendants'
Did frontrunner Clark take the title, or did dark horse Nick steal the crown?
After an abrupt elimination, the final two sing for their lives.
The final four, three rounds, and one elimination.