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''Pirates'' premieres early

TNT's movie starring Anthony Michael Hall and Noah Wyle was broadcast early to make the Emmy consideration cut-off
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Ioan Gruffudd comes ashore

The Welsh actor pulls double duty with ''Great Expectations'' and ''Horatio Hornblower''
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Sweeps season hits TV

Networks break out the big events for May, including ''Wrestlemania,'' ''Thumb Wars,'' and more
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Vanessa Marcil moves into the spotlight Wednesday night

The 'Beverly Hills, 90210' wild child tells EW Online about finding career happiness after years of boozing and, gulp, a 'marriage' to Corey Feldman
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Olivia D'Ago joins the ''Party of Five''

Playing Neve Campbell's new love interest, the actress sits down with EW to talk about her role
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Prime time starts talking dirty

''Felicity'' and ''Ally McBeal'' are some of the shows following in the footsteps of ''NYPD Blue''
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Television rights of passage

From ''Murphy Brown'' to ''Friends,'' TV's most memorable family events