Shaunna Murphy

Someone dies; someone has a one-night stand. Neither are who you think!
John Doe finally makes his choice. Also -- dragons!
Jiminy Cricket's backstory is revealed as a sinkhole appears in Storybrooke
Cinderella climbs the social ladder while Emma hunts a pregnant teen
Snow and Charming's backstory is revealed as Mary Margaret searches for her John Doe
Regina tries to trick Emma out of Storybrooke, to the detriment of mother nature
The Evil Queen casts a curse; meanwhile, bail bonds collector Emma Swan has a terrible birthday
Note to self: Book plane tickets before watching this haunted airplane take flight
Carlene gives Booby Licious an image makeover while Amanda's daughter joins the popular crowd
Disgraced former "Queen Bee" Amanda Vaughn returns home to Dallas, where Bible passages await