Sean Evans

Vicki spends an hour making little sense and never fully apologizing for all of her evident lies.
Things heat up mildly as we hear from Jim Edmonds, Briana Culberson, and a separately taped appearance by Brooks.
The ladies get the reunion off to a slow start.
During Tamra's baptism, the women finally confront Vicki about her shadiness.
Vicki suspects Beelzebub is behind the women's inquisition into Brooks' health.
Brooks' medical records take center stage in the OC while the Dubrows take over a shopping network soundstage in Minnesota.
As doubt about Brooks' illness rises, Heather, Tamra and Shannon join Meghan in questioning Vicki.
We find out who wins the coveted MasterChef title.
Meghan’s conquest to determine whether Brooks has cancer intensifies.
Tamra and Eddie throw a sex party—which turns everyone wild.
The top six become the top five and Derrick looks good in two sets of sleeves.
The Vicki-Meghan war, over a psychic's non-vision, wages on.
What happens when you take the two top adversaries and make them work together?
New psychics, new fights, and many more drink orders! Plus, Jim Edmonds returns and he's no nicer!
In which our ladies drunkenly drive golf carts in between fighting about nothing.
And now for something completely different...the women drink Tahiti dry.
Derrick and Stephen's rivalry hits new heights.
Unlike last time, someone is sent packing this week.
Meghan struggles to parent, Shannon struggles over David's affair, and Heather struggles to spend more money. Spoiler alert: Heather succeeds.
Katrina and Hetal square off in the team challenge with rather surprising results.
Vicki talks with her deceased mother with ease while Meghan struggles to communicate with her stepkid.
Our beloved cooking show hits 100 episodes and two contestants hit the road.
When will hopeful MasterChefs learn to stop arguing with Gordon Ramsay? Thankfully, not in this episode.
A funeral, a birth, and a whole bunch of nonsense from Meghan Edmonds and Shannon Beador.