Sarene Leeds

The season may be closed, but the stories remain open ended
Luis seeks justice for Teo, while Shae goes up against North Carolina's strict abortion laws
During group therapy, Shae reveals her idea of a happy home life — and it's not what you think
Luis's backstory is brought to light, while Jeanette makes an appalling discovery
The third installment of John Ridley's anthology series tackles the seedy underbelly of the American dream
The season 2 finale leaves it to the audience to draw their own conclusions
With only one episode left, a resolution in the Taylor Blaine case seems far from anyone's grasp
Everyone's life is now unraveling in the aftermath of the Leyland School shooting
After Anne's medical records are posted online, Taylor takes matters into his own hands -- with tragic results
With his sexuality now out in the open, Eric faces widespread ostracism from his family and friends
Taylor and Eric give their statements to the police, but it's a case of "he said, he said"
'She needs time to heal,' says Rivera of her character's painful ordeal
The truth about what really happened the night of the Captains' party starts tumbling out
An article about the captains' party goes viral, affecting everyone in the Leyland community and beyond
Anne experiences the fallout from her 911 call while Coach Dan takes necessary action with his players
John Ridley's critically acclaimed drama opens its second season with a brand-new story, but with familiar faces
Before there can be tidings of comfort and joy this Christmas, the nurses must tend to Poplar's ever-present heartache
With nothing left to lose, Dr. John Thackery attempts the riskiest surgery of his career
'It's not looking good for him, is it?' Owen tells EW of his character's ambiguous future
The ongoing rivalry between Dr. Edwards and Dr. Gallinger comes to a violent, upsetting conclusion
Tonight's episode brings about several major shifts in the relationships of the Knick's employees.
Both Thack and Edwards take the stage in the operating room this week, but only one surgeon emerges triumphant.