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'Big Brother' recap: Acts of Tear-anny

During one of the weepiest weeks so far, a power struggle begins as the weaker contestants continue to fall
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'Big Brother' recap: There's a wiener among them

Season 12 begins with everything you'd expect from a summer reality show -- sexual innuendos, skin, and sabotage -- and it was all so good
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34 great TV I love you's

Can't find the words? Inspiration from scripted classics on 'Outlander,' 'The Office,' 'Scandal,' 'ER,' and more
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10 Celebs' Favorite TV Finales Ever

Beth Behrs, Tina Fey, Felicia Day, Misha Collins, and more say which season enders hooked them as fans
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Supernatural season premiere recap: Battle in the 'Burbs

In 'Exile on Main Street,' domesticated Dean finds you can't escape your past, while Sam discovers you CAN escape hell
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Supernatural recap: Welcome Back, Dean Winchester

In 'Two and a Half Men,' Dean and Sam reunite with a wee companion in tow; plus, the Impala returns!
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Supernatural recap: Alpha Debt

In 'Family Matters,' the brothers search for more info on Sam's lost soul and find nothing but trouble