Sandra Gonzalez

During one of the weepiest weeks so far, a power struggle begins as the weaker contestants continue to fall
Season 12 begins with everything you'd expect from a summer reality show -- sexual innuendos, skin, and sabotage -- and it was all so good
The household Saboteur is revealed -- just in time to be evicted
Can't find the words? Inspiration from scripted classics on 'Outlander,' 'The Office,' 'Scandal,' 'ER,' and more
In 'Exile on Main Street,' domesticated Dean finds you can't escape your past, while Sam discovers you CAN escape hell
In 'Two and a Half Men,' Dean and Sam reunite with a wee companion in tow; plus, the Impala returns!
In "The Third Man," Castiel returns to ask for Sam and Dean's help
The Winchesters' papa-by-proxy learns how to ask for help in the Jensen Ackles-directed "Weekend at Bobby's"
In 'Live Free or Twihard,' Dean channels his inner vampire, but it's Sam who scares us
In 'You Can't Handle the Truth,' Dean searches for answers about Sam -- and gets more than he asked for
In 'Family Matters,' the brothers search for more info on Sam's lost soul and find nothing but trouble
Sam and Dean's investigation leads them to a family pooch who isn't what he appears to be
Dean gets lifted up by tiny, probing beings, while Sam shows ambivalence about getting his soul back
In 'Caged Heat,' Meg returns, and Sam learns a shocking truth about his soul
Dean learns a lesson from Death, and it give Sam back his life -- we hope.
In ''Like a Virgin,'' Sam and Dean protect the pure, slay a dragon, and learn there's a new foe on the way
Sam's trip down memory lane is an unpleasant one in "Unforgiven"
In 'Mannequin 3: The Reckoning,' Sam takes lead on a bizarre case while Dean rushes to Lisa and Ben
In 'The French Mistake,' Dean and Sam enter the crazy world of 'Supernatural'...and people think they're crazy
In '...And Then There Were None," Sam, Dean, and Bobby say goodbye to a beloved friend -- and two others who weren't so beloved
Castiel tempts Fate, and Ellen returns -- with a twist
Dean and Sam travel to 1861 in hopes of finding the one thing that might be able to kill the Mother of All -- and dress like cowboys
A shocking twist is revealed as the gang comes face-to-face with The Mother of All, their mother, and a new disgusting monster.