Samantha Highfill
Samantha Highfill

Samantha Highfill

Samantha is a writer based in Los Angeles. Television is her one true love, and she tweets about it. A lot.
Plus, she imagines where Sookie is today... and it involves marijuana.
What did John McEnroe mean when he said he was signing off... for now?
Ramakrishnan is finally able to reveal which "team" she's on.
Plus: Ellen Pompeo has to explain what a "pick-me girl" is to Heigl.
The extra hour will reportedly air between seasons 2 and 3.
Here's how the Paramount+ series pays homage to the 1987 film.
"It's like a funeral," Samantha Hanratty says of the on-set tradition.
"It's like a funeral," Samantha Hanratty says of the on-set tradition.
Ginny & Georgia also landed two additional seasons.
Following its cancellation, The Winchesters' cast is speaking out about finding it a new home.
Caligula came to life in this week's episode!
The network has also axed Kung Fu after three seasons.
"It's adorable and really weird to watch it with your daughter."
It's been reported that the network will only have a few scripted originals next season.
Uzo Aduba, West Duchovny, and Dina Shihabi also star in the new drama, which premieres August 10.
The Showtime drama revealed the fate of Shauna's baby.
But Jesse Spencer is going to appear in the season 11 finale.
"I loved Titanic in a way that is utterly embarrassing now."
The Reese Witherspoon-led film still doesn't have a release date.
Over the years, we've said goodbye to a number of VIPs from the Seattle section of the Shondaverse; some part in sweet sorrow, while others left a less satisfying taste in our mouths.
Reinhart says the cast played the White Lotus theme song during filming.
"You may or may not see Betty explore her own bisexuality."