Sage Young

Bruce sees the world and his city through Jerome's eyes
Anarchy takes hold when Jerome Valeska returns to spread his message
The dead are walking — and Jerome may soon be one of them.
Jim learns something troubling about Mario, and Babs inserts herself between Ed and Oswald
Someone doesn't want Mario to make it to the church on time
Barnes gives Gordon an ultimatum, and Nygma gets some terrible news
Barnes succumbs to the virus, handing Gordon his first case back at the GCPD
Gordon faces his demons, and the GCPD race to save the city from a virus
Jim Gordon is forced to make a terrible choice, and Penguin puts his heart on the line
Butch and Nygma battle it out for Penguin's trust
All of Gotham City is looking for love
The Mad Hatter comes to town and Penguin launches a mayoral campaign
Two villains meet their maker and Bruce meets his double
Bruce threatens the Court of Owls and Gordon chases down a scientifically enhanced Fish Mooney
Eight years and they wouldn't change a day
Say goodbye to the picture-perfect First Family of Maine
In case of emergency, dial 666
Doug taunts the cops, and Hank gives up the fight
Castle meets a man who can't die, and Beckett gives an ultimatum to a Loksat foot soldier
Meyer gets closer to exposing Ben, but her partner's disappearance stalls her progress
Hayley's past as an international spy catches up to her and threatens her new, stable life
Claire confronts Ben, and Agent Clements follows a hot lead
A dead smuggler leads to a cache of stolen artifacts — and possibly one magic lamp
Willa gives Ben lessons in being Adam — but starts to have second thoughts
Esposito teams up with an old flame to track down a killer