Rachel Lovinger

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Cerebus, issue #300

After 27 years, Dave Sim's misanthropic aardvark finally meets his maker.
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Meet Sean Connery's ''Extraordinary Gentlemen''

Find out about the literary origins of Sean Connery's Allan Quatermain, Shane West's Tom Sawyer, and the other members of ''The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen''
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The Slayer line ends (sob!)

-- but at least ''Buffy'''s series finale went out with a suitable surprise, says Rachel Lovinger
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How the Scooby gang can help the Chosen One

With only one episode left, Rachel Lovinger assesses those who could assist Buffy in her final battle
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Oops! The Scoobies misjudged their leader

Buffy proves her skills, even when cohorts -- and viewers -- doubt her, says Rachel Lovinger
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What spin-offs do ''Buffy'' fans want?

Rachel Lovinger weighs the pros and cons of new shows that could follow the vampire slayer's exit