Price Peterson

The killer was finally unmasked in the series' least-shocking twist yet
The gang suspects one of their own, and another parent bites the dust
An especially disgusting episode ends with another tragic death
A mask-themed warehouse rave suddenly turned violent!
Despite two new corpses showing up, the scramble for answers continued
In the end, nothing could defeat the status quo
The bad times continued in TV's deadliest suburb
A widespread jewelry heist built toward a high-stakes escape
A gruesome act of torture enlivened another sleepy mystery hour
The CW series brought us its first shocking death... Or did it?
With the school on lockdown, was the killer locked in with them?
One character gives birth while another coughs up blood: just another day in the cordon
The long-promised riots finally came to pass; things didn't go well
Nothing complicates a whodunnit like an accidental mass ayahuasca trip
Desperation (and entertainment value) finally reaches fever pitch
Emma's creepy father returns to be creepy, and Audrey finally gets blood on her hands
Audrey scrambled to cover up her secret while Emma scrambled to remain sane
It was 'Attack of the Zombie Meth-heads' in the series' best episode yet
MTV's adaptation of the beloved horror franchise is back and grosser than ever
Heat waves and baseball games made life in the cordon even worse
Isolation plus starvation equals bad times for everybody
Forget viral outbreaks; nothing's more contagious than *feels*
Nothing complicates a viral outbreak like loaded guns
In its second episode, The CW's ickiest thriller showed more personality
Chaos begins with a sneeze in Julie Plec's newest hotties-in-danger thriller