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Almost Human season finale recap: 'Straw Man'

Kennex and Dorian pursue a vicious serial killer with ties to Kennex's late father.

Almost Human recap: 'Beholder'

Detective Stahl is caught between two worlds when the team investigates a killer targeting "chromes"

Almost Human recap: 'Disrupt'

A killer "smart home" leads Kennex and Dorian to investigate a rogue group of hackers

Almost Human recap: 'Perception'

Kennex and Dorian investigate deaths caused by a new designer drug with ties to Detective Stahl's past

Almost Human recap: 'Unbound'

The team races to stop a sexy killer robot with ties to Dorian's past

Almost Human recap: 'You Are Here'

Kennex and Dorian protect a woman from an advanced bullet that can seek out its target anywhere

Almost Human recap: 'Simon Says'

Kennex and Dorian play "Simon Says" with a mad bomber who broadcasts his twisted games over the Internet

Almost Human recap: Harden My Heart

Time is of the essence when John and Dorian race to save the patients of a black market heart transplant ring