Nick Catucci

Rock & roll isn't dead — it's just very sleepy; how Foster the People, Imagine Dragons, and other oddly faceless bands have taken over
''Last year, if you were a mildly funky white guy looking for action on the charts, you couldn't recruit a better wingman than Pharrell Williams. For his assistance as a producer, singer, and delighted music-video presence on the velvety mega-smashes ''Blurred Lines'' and ''Get Lucky,'' Robin Thicke and Daft Punk could've forked over their first-borns and still owed him a brewskie.''
''The extra-large rapper Rick Ross may not seem spry, but he carves conceptual figure eights on gangsta rap's icy surface.''
High camp and low-cut leotards: on the scene at Cyrus' wild opening night in Vancouver.
''Like and proper country singer — even a rock & roll, hip-hop-rapping bad boy such as himself — Eric Church relishes a good pun.''
Shake off a long, cold winter with these breezy new tracks from artists on the verge — slinky singers, bedroom R&B auteurs, and FoLs (Friends of Lorde)
Two decades after Dr. Dre, Snoop, and Tupac owned the charts, new stars Schoolboy Q and YG are leading a Cali rap renaissance
Reviews of new records from Skrillex and YG
''Seeing titles like ''After the Disco'' and ''The Remains of Rock & Roll'' on the second album from Broken Bells — the luxe-indie collaboration between Shins frontman James Mercer and producer Danger Mouse — you might wonder whether they have taken a postapocalyptic view of music.''
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In a one-man show about Louis Armstrong, John Douglas Thompson captures the jazz great's showmanship and sublimated rage
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