Michelle Newman

Rebecca finally gets her fairy tale moment, but will it lead to a happily ever after?
From a secret dog to a new friend, everyone's hiding something
Rebecca and Greg's new casual relationship threatens to ruin both of them... in more ways than one
The new Rebecca vows to break her old patterns, but ends up back in familiar arms
Rebecca's crazy dream helps her realize it's time she woke up from the one she's been chasing
Rebecca discovers who the villain in her fairy tale really is
Rebecca may lose her battles, but in the end she gets a sweet taste of victory
Rebecca finds herself in hot water after scheming up another way to get close to Josh
Josh catches Rebecca in a lie, shattering all of her dreams
Rebecca tries to rekindle love with Josh back where it all began
Rebecca's plans to impress Josh and his friends backfire, and the truth finally comes out
After seven years of addiction, Nurse Jackie comes to an end.
Jackie's back, in more ways than one.
Jackie's judgment day arrives early, but will Eddie mess it up?
An unexpected road trip turns into an unexpected intervention, but not for Jackie.
During a sobering day at All Saints, Thor's surprise is the only news that's good.
Jackie may not be getting stoned anymore, but someone else is.
The results are in and a winner is revealed!
The three remaining couples bring their A-game to the finals.
Zoey leads a walkout, and Jackie walks away.
In a shocking turn of events, a high scoring couple is eliminated.
The final four couples are in it to win it with a tearjerking night of emotional dances—and even a surprise proposal.
Jackie finds an ally in the new ER doctor and hatches a new, devious plan.