A bus accident leaves our hero with brain damage and the suspicion that the clues to a mystery patient's ailment are hidden in his memory
Thinking his favorite daytime actor is sick, House kidnaps and drugs him; plus, the drama with Cameron continues, and Amber shows her soft side
The ducklings suspect that both our hero's nasty personality and a patient's pleasant one are caused by an STD; plus, House and Amber have a custody battle over Wilson
While treating a deeply religious dying bride, everyone realizes that Wilson's new steady, Cutthroat You-Know-What, is really a female version of his best friend
The good doctor is attracted to a deathly ill psychiatrist (guest star Mira Sorvino) trapped in Antarctica; plus, Wilson turns out to be dating an ostensibly unsuitable woman
Fox gives us a late present: A new episode with some enjoyably outrageous holiday themes, including a misplaced breast and a naughty Nativity
The good doctor manages to hire three of his four remaining candidates, and an obnoxious punk rocker imparts some important life lessons
As the wannabes treat a magician, House orders them to bring him Cuddy's panties, and Big Love gets fired for making a deal with her
Issues surface when a documentary crew invades the hospital to shoot the case of an Elephant Man-like teenager, and both House and Cameron face their romantic feelings
While Foreman helps the new ducklings with a disabled drag racer, House treats a spy who may have been poisoned in South America
A patient reflects the doctors' strengths and weaknesses, while Cuddy, House, and Foreman decide who's boss; plus, it's a non-elimination episode for the baby ducklings
When a patient starts to see dead people, skeptical House sends the wannabe ducklings to dig up a corpse; meanwhile, Foreman returns
The good doctor tries to have a near-death experience by shoving a knife into an electrical outlet, plus he continues to use reality-TV techniques to test his prospective ducklings