Michele Romero

House tries to win a bet with Wilson that he really can be nice, but Cuddy turns out to be the real winner
While the team tries to save a fitness trainer who's keeping a secret, House and Cuddy continue their mating dance
House's approach to solving a hostage-taker's medical mystery just might get him or others killed
House can't stop turning to Wilson for advice, even though Wilson's not giving it
House and Cuddy deal with the awkward aftermath of their kiss
After figuring out how to restore joy to one man, House tries to help Cuddy after she lost hers
House's dreams come true when he gets to investigate Thirteen's love life
House pays scant tribute to his dead father and then reunites with Wilson
An artist's life is on the line and House finds a new way to go after Cuddy
Jim Noir
Chuck Taylors are everywhere from ''Juno'' to ''The Outsiders''
While auditioning new assistants, the old curmudgeon misses his former ducklings
Although his associates are gone, House stays true to form and solves the mystery of a building-collapse victim
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