Meredith Hoffa

The final three teams hoof it to New York City, where one wins cars and another wins the million
A little beach, a little bull and lots of balls in the air in season 21's penultimate episode
One team strips, another is foiled and Franked (again)
Teams put on their thinking caps and dance belts and got a chance to strut their stuff
A cliffhanger episode leaves unfinished business and questions
Claws come out, scandalous swiping goes down and teams strip down to their skivvies
Teams get bamboozled by the heat, but at least they each have a dollar
Rockers vs. rodents, plus a struggling team finally says goodbye
A double U-Turn raises the stakes; one team learns that yelling will get you everywhere (you don't want to be)
Ten teams take on slippery challenges in Indonesia; Gary wins the gold medal for most passive aggressive substitute teacher on earth
Season 21 begins with higher stakes than ever; teams arrive in China; vomit happens
Beloved ballet dancers Chehon and Eliana win season 9; The top 20 return; Carly Rae Jepsen performs
Pole dancing, Nutcracking and cryptic remarks from Uncle Nigel make for a buzz-worthy performance finale
A night of first class choreography, hairography and standing Os; we have our Finale Four
Dreamy Jesse Tyler Ferguson is along for the ride; On the scene for the top 8!
All-stars return to the scene for dancing and praise; strong performances abound; two more are sent home
Dancers perform classic Mia Michaels routines; four are sent packing. Your Top 10, Ameriker!
A few routines smolder while others fizzle out; two more dancers depart
 Four performers head home; alums return; judges kiss
Season 9's live shows kick off with a ridiculous number of memorable routines
The dancers perform in their own styles to introduce themselves to Ameriker
Stretchers and tears featured prominently in the rigorous 4-day callback
The Salt Lake City auditions add some strong ballroom and contemporary dancers to the competition
Debbie Allen joins the panel to judge the 'Fame'-seekers at the Atlanta auditions