Marc Bernardin

Spike Lee's latest is one of his best. Plus: A film reflecting on the legacy of Juneteenth, and a documentary about Civil Rights Movement icon John Lewis.
By Marc Bernardin
Visit our showroom of all-time awesome movie and TV rides.
By Marc Bernardin Chris Nashawaty
''E.T.,'' ''The Iron Giant,'' and, now, ''Inside Out'': We'll bet you had a bawl at these kids' classics too
By Marc Bernardin Henning Fog
''Avengers'' joins our honor roll next to ''Dark Knight,'' ''Hellboy II,'' and other all-time greats
By Marc Bernardin
As new era inches closer, look back at the Forces that made us cheer -- and wince
By Marc Bernardin
''Bellflower'' has a ride tricked out with flamethrowers; wheel it into our showroom of awesome autos!
By Marc Bernardin Clark Collis Chris Nashawaty
It's Halloween, a hell of a time to look at portrayals of the devil from Al Pacino, Dave Grohl, and more
By Marc Bernardin
USA's silly sleuths return tonight -- here's why Shawn, Gus, and pretending to be psychic are so much fun!
By Marc Bernardin