Mandi Bierly

Staff Writer

"We are sorry to say that our beloved patriarch passed away this morning peacefully," his family said in a statement on Sunday.
Tiaras never go out of style; we're watching ''Little Miss Sunshine,'' ''Miss Congeniality,'' and more
A wet kiss. A memorable sunset. A significant letter. Fans of the author know exactly what they're looking for in a romantic drama--and what to expect in ''The Longest Ride''
In the wake of Will's death, Diane and David engage in a power struggle while Alicia questions her future
Alicia and Will each have to decide what the 'smart move' is when Diane and Wendy change directions
Grace's disappearance helps Alicia make a decision
Eli lobbies on behalf of cheese, Diane scolds Will on behalf of the firm
While Alicia works with a death row inmate to help an innocent client, Eli handles a candidate's potentially deadly Santa photo
Kai causes serious problems, and Caroline deals with an evil that there's no plan to defeat.
With the Mayhem vote nearing, Jax sets his grand plan in motion.