Mallika Rao

It was down to the wire last night, as Mike and Blais served up truly exquisite final meals.
The chefs cooked "last meals" for culinary icons, but for one of the contestants, it really was the end of the road.
The chefs have to swim for their catch, and only three stay afloat
One chef flew out of the Bahamas after a long night feeding the king.
The chefs get a little help from home before duking it out for the finals
The chefs cook in honor of New Orleans and Paula Deen, who's tougher than she looks
The chefs bake sweet treats for some hungry Muppets, then spend a memorable evening at Target
The eight remaining chefs cook Jimmy Fallon's favorite things for a high-stakes birthday party
The chefs try to out-fashion and out-Italian each other, with some devastating results
The reunion rundown: Does Maloof talk? Did Camille really say “the beloved actor who played Frasier”?
Restaurant Wars takes one cheftestant's crazy rise even further to the top.
Drama (and Marcel's bad rap skillz) dominate as the cheftestants have to fish for their main dish on the high seas.
The chefs serve up food fit for tennis stars in a point-for-point showdown.
Manny tries out childhood, Mitchell (sort of) cheats on Cam, and Phil’s dreams of 'Family Camp' end in tears