Maggie Fremont

Is Kelly Clarkson going to make us all cry again?
Who stood out among the pack?
It's time to kick some people out of the party.
Yeah, that's a lot of performances.
Who deserves the final spot in the Live Playoffs?
This round kicks off with a bang(er).
Blake's the only one with a coveted Steal left in play.
There's only three full Battles to watch here, but they're big ones.
Let the stealing and the saving begin.
How about some one-chair turns for your consideration?
Also, stay for the killer rendition of "Un-break My Heart."
Plus, Coach Clarkson gets her coveted opera singer.
It doesn't take long for a sweet, sweet four-chair turn.
But first you have to wait while we watch two hours of performances.
For better or worse, we're getting some original singles tonight.
Plus, Lionel Richie brings back "We Are the World."
Also, feast upon Blake Shelton's TikTok skills.
Plus, marvel at John Legend's perfect pink suit.