Madina Papadopoulos

The fledgling Fox show is finally put to rest.
The hospital gang returns for just a few more episodes.
The winter finale ends on cliffhangers we may never get answers to.
Bella Thorne stars on this heated episode of Red Band Society.
Between Protestant persecution and uprisings, marital problems, and Catherine getting a little loopy, Francis is losing his grasp on his reign.
As the series approaches the midseason finale, the show comes back full swing.
The Red Banders write a manifesto and Nurse Jackson busts out a song.
With the entrance of a female doctor, the show gets yet another love triangle.
Emma and Kara get to go to a high school dance, where Leo makes a surprise appearance.
Lies, love, and laughs fill the halls of Ocean Park Hospital.
Leo deals with jealousy following Jordi's operation.
A group of teens channels The Breakfast Club in a children's hospital.