Liz Prugh

Welcome to Phase 1: The show says a shocking goodbye, and we get a bombshell revelation about Taylor
Just when we thought Patterson had the most awkward first date, Mayfair's karma takes the cake
Reade is broken, Mayfair is broke, and Jane tries to NOT get broken up with
Patterson hangs with an imaginary friend as she finds herself in her most dangerous situation yet
Jane gives in to her inner 'Taylor' as more memories resurface
An old enemy of 'Taylor' is back to haunt Jane
In the most intense episode yet, Jane is given another impossible choice
Jane gets caught in crossfire, forcing her to choose a side
Reade (finally) gets a storyline, and Jane has more flashbacks and makes a questionable choice
Is Jane the real big bad?
A gang of dangerous wesen, a wesen that looks like a bloated blowfish, and a bad wig with telekinesis.
A Godzilla-sized rat, conspirators, and a possible Adalind love interest fill this week's episode.
'You did this to yourself.'
It's getting hot in here!
A gala, an ex-girlfriend, and the show's first death.
Rosalee takes a trip to Neverland, and Nick finds a new home.
Weller has a close call, Jane has a girl's night, and Zapata is screwed.
A Wesen goes on a killing spree, and Nick plays house with Adalind.
The team catches a major criminal who might know about Operation Daylight.
Nick starts to lose it, Chavez shares a secret, and Adalind goes into labor.
Did we just get a love triangle?
Jane remembers the time she was taken as a child, and it's not pretty.
Okay, seriously, who is Jane Doe?