Lindsey Kupfer

Bess takes on a risky trade on the season finale of Madam Secretary
The US fights to keep nuclear warheads away from Hizb al-Shahid
Murphy Station is sent on a dangerous mission to Pakistan
The United States and Russia are teaming up to fight Hizb al-Shahid
Bess comes up with a plan to release a group of Nigerian school girls from captivity
Another day, another plane crash
An agreement between a U.S. mining company and Chile goes awry.
As the hunt for Jibral Disah is taking off, so is Stevie's newest relationship
The aftermath of the bomb
Elizabeth McCord wasn’t able to put out the fire this week
Bess has to deal with a different kind of crisis this week --- the McCord family
A Buddhist teaching helps solve a crisis overseas -- and one at home, too
Someone important died in the explosion
Russia and the United States try to make a deal
Elizabeth McCord doubts Russia's involvement in the Air Force One attack.
Elizabeth and Russell team up to take down Craig Sterling.
Elizabeth McCord attempts to make history tonight.
Elizabeth McCord takes on ISIS.
The United States is 30 days away from World War III.
Stevie broke the #1 rule of the digital age: No nude pics.
Russia has found its new dictator.
The episode otherwise known as 'Why Everyone Should Listen to Madeleine Albright.'
Madam President. Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?