Lindsey Bahr

Hannah's dating a new guy and caring for Adam, while Marnie begins to spiral out of control after getting fired
Marnie's told she's not cut out for the art world; Hannah deals with her Republican boyfriend and stalker-ish ex
Hannah does cocaine for the sake of an article she plans to write; Marnie runs into an artist friend
Shoshanna learns a secret about Ray, Jessa meets Thomas-John's parents, and Hannah throws an awkward dinner party
Hannah spends a day with an older man; a 'sexit' occurs
Marnie hosts a party with Booth, Hannah gets an eBook deal, and Adam and Ray go to Staten Island
Hannah and Jessa take a trip upstate to stay with Jessa's father
Hannah's parents come to visit; Adam goes on a blind date
Hannah gets negative feedback from her publisher; Marnie, Shoshanna, and Ray attend Charlie's company party
Hannah tries to finish her book; Marnie and Charlie go to brunch
With bold creations on screen and off, TV costume designer Salvador Perez and his muse Mindy Kaling are changing the rules of fashion
A Mormon missionary (Mitch Ryan) breaks bad after an affair with a hot mom (Dawn Olivieri) in a self-serious clunker that fancies itself a latter-day ''Fatal Attraction.'' Three reasons to just say no:
One thing was certain: The man knew how to make women beautiful. In a career that spanned 58 years, Oscar de la Renta, who died on Oct. 20 at age 82, dressed some of the most powerful women of the past century, including four First Ladies. But he made his most indelible mark on Hollywood, designing for everyone from Sarah Jessica Parker to Oprah Winfrey. Here, EW looks back at a few of his dazzling creations.
For the animated film ''Big Hero 6,'' Disney created a ''soft robot'' buddy whose mission is to protect... and cuddle
Author Gillian Flynn adapted her ''Gone Girl'' for the big screen, and it's slaying at the box office. But she's the rare exception. Inside Hollywood's screenplay paradox.