Lindi Smith

Plus: Nick's future with Adalind and those unexpected magical stick side effects
The miracle stick has some major repercussions, and Diana proves she's more powerful than anyone else on the show
Black Claw continues to threaten Adalind, and Nick's anger reaches an all-time high
Black Claw tightens their grip on Adalind, and Diana is officially the creepiest child in the world
A preacher uses his wesen face to gain followers, but he's not the one we should worry about
Hank and Nick take on a bone-chilling case and Wu's side effects land him in danger
Drama is brewing between Nick and Adalind and a certain long-lost character returns to Portland
A lesson in the deadly cost of vanity and more proof that Eve is a total badass
The gang's latest case ends in heartbreak and puts Wu in major jeopardy
A luchador wesen is a dangerous combo
The chest reveals an item that might be more significant than it appears
Plus: The actor reflects on the past five years spent on the NBC supernatural drama
While Nick and Monroe go on a treasure hunt abroad, Hadrian's Wall and the Portland police deal with a Black Claw threat at home
A stash of found grimm books unlocks a new mystery
Black Claw is making its mark on Portland
Nick visits Eve in the Hadrian's Wall underground facility
'It’s a little bit like 'Alias,' a little bit like 'Nikita''
Is it possible we learned Jane Doe's identity already?
The NBC drama kicks off with more than a few mysteries.