Lesley Savage

David Arquette, George Clooney ex Elisabetta Canalis, Chaz Bono (the show's first transgendered contesant), and more will soon be fox-trotting their way into your hearts
Season 2's finale ends with a failed birthday bash for Jay, and the possibility of another child for Cam and Mitchell.
Alex's graduation from middle school sends Claire and Phil spiraling downhill (literally and figuratively), and Jay gets the Botox bug...
Everything goes to hell when Phil and Claire switch parenting roles. Meanwhile, Jay falls for a French bulldog, and Mitchell goes gaga for Lady Gaga.
Cameron and Mitchell must choose among the family members as to who will be guardians to precious Lily. 
Phil accidentally puts his wife and daughter up for sale, and Cam turns into the director from hell when he tries to overhaul Manny and Luke's school play.
Jay has a wild night of booze and bonding with the boys and a date with Nathan Lane
Chris Harrison, host of 'The Bachelor,' tells all
Cam and Mitchell squabble over Lily's last name, Gloria and Jay wrestle over eternal rest, and Phil has a day of rest
Can the 'SNL' castmember and 'Hall Pass' star handle our cringe-worthy questions?
The Family gathers to celebrate Lily's birthday, so send in the clowns...and Shelley Long and Matt Dillon
The Family really gets into the spirit of Valentine's Day...there's nothing like a little nudity, jealousy and competition to get you in the mood for love
Claire and Phil get caught in a compromising position, and Gloria has a cupcake catastrophe
Claire and Phil feel intellectually inferior, Jay sticks his foot in his mouth, and 24's Mary Lynn Rajskub plays Mitchell's ex-girlfriend
Gloria finally learns to ride a bike, Luke takes charge, and James Marsden lives in a cardboard princess castle
An earthquake results in aftershocks involving golf, God, and Nathan Lane
Mitchell's fear of PDA leads to an unexpected (and unexpectedly touching) smooch
An old car, a 'princess castle,' and Angela Lansbury inspired some of last night's funniest zingers